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Dynamic capabilities and digital transformation


Welcome to the survey on dynamic architecture and digital transformation. This survey is part of ongoing research of The Open University of the Netherlands on how the Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice and dynamic capabilities of organizations contribute to the digital transformation, business innovation, and business benefits. At the end of this survey, you can fill in your contact details. Then, you will be the first to receive the findings of our research, with a list of managerial implications.

Confidentiality and anonymity 

All obtained data will remain completely anonymous and confidential and will be used only for research purposes. We analyze the data at an aggregate level, and we will not make any references to an individual or company. At all times, the data will remain accessible to only the researchers of the study and will not be distributed to third-parties. At any given point, you can ask to revoke your participation in the study, and we will proceed to delete the provided information.

Key definitions

Enterprise Architecture: we define an EA as the fundamental organization of an enterprise defining its current and desirable future state, along with the principles governing its design and development. Following this definition, an EA embodies all relevant components for describing an enterprise, including its operating model, organizational structure, business processes, data, applications, and technology. EA allows firms to add value across all business units, operations, human resources, and align strategic objectives with the particular use of digital technologies.

Dynamic capabilities: we define these capabilities as the organizations’ routines to integrate, build, reconfigure, gain and release internal competences and resources to address changing market and business ecosystem demands.

Structure of the survey

The structure of the survey is as follows: After some background questions, we start with the survey items on digital resources, the EA practice, the use of AI, and dynamic capabilities. This section is followed by questions on management innovation, digital transformation, and business value.

The principal investigator in this research is dr. Rogier van de Wetering, Associate Professor in Information Systems and Business Processes (rogier.vandewetering@ou.nl).

Many thanks for your time to participate in this research.

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