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The impact of IT-audit quality on cybersecurity within the financial sector.

This questionnaire is part of my study in business process management & IT at the Open Universiteit. I started this study as a way to specialise and grow as an auditor. As an external IT-auditor, cybersecurity is a topic that receives a lot of attention. I am curious if the cybersecurity audit (CSA) used by the internal audit function (IAF) is effective in preventing or mitigating the impact of cybersecurity incidents. In discussions between cybersecurity specialists and auditors I note distinct differences in viewpoint.

With this research I would like to explore this relationship and answer the following question: ‘How does the IT-audit quality relate to cybersecurity maturity within the Dutch financial sector?’

This research will be performed based on the guidelines of the Open University. This means that all information shared by respondents with me will be handled confidentially and with care. Results of this research will be presented in a way that isn't traceable to you or the organization you represent. In addition, respondents have the right to revoke their participation at any time.

For more information regarding the ethical guidelines of the OU, refer to: https://www.ou.nl/en/integriteit-en-ethische-toetsing

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